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When well executed, a transition establishes the long-term governance model, service levels, and reporting framework that form the foundation of the client’s relationship with the outsourcing vendor in the areas of Infrastructure Outsourcing(IO/ITO), Application Outsourcing (AO), and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) coupled with in-depth knowledge and familiarity with onshore and offshore capabilities. We believe key areas to focus on as follows:

Preparedness. The readiness of an organization for the transition to a service provider is crucial. In one survey, 75 percent of service providers reported that their clients are not operationally well prepared for an outsourcing initiative. Joint initiation and planning activities should lead to the creation of a detailed master transition plan that includes clearly understood tasks, roles, and responsibilities across the entire span of the transition.

Vendor Management. Managing the service provider relationship and monitoring performance is a full-time commitment, not a matter of simply reviewing periodic reports. Clients should invest in their vendor management functions and factor those costs into their plans. (The cost of maintaining an outsourcing vendor management program office (VMPO) can comprise 7 percent, or more, of the annual contract cost. The relationship with the vendor should not be treated as a one-off procurement transaction, but as an ongoing collaboration.
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